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Beta Bodega is an electronic record label, based in Miami, Florida, USA. Founded in 1999 by designer and music enthusiast La Mano Fria to inform and address current matters in Latin America while bringing about awareness through design and music. The original label spawned through the time into three separate labels; Beta Bodega, Rice And Beans and Botanica Del Jibaro, giving birth to Beta Bodega Coalition (BBC). Beta Bodega was deactivated in 2005, together with Rice And Beans (which became t-shirt line again in 2006) and its special series label Rise And Defeat. Nowadays, Beta Bodega Coalition operates two labels; Botanica Del Jibaro and Arepaz, alongside with special project Bandeja Paisa and BBC chapters in Europe and Japan; Project: Mooncircle and RL66. After a few years absence, 2012 saw the split release between Beta Bodega and long time allie Schematic. Currently releasing and in support of projects such as Infiltrate Zine.

Beta Bodega 15. First in a series of upcoming releases entitled “Infiltrate Zine” by Beta Bodega Coalition. Getting back to basics and our roots. Inspired by the subversive Beta Bodega/Infiltrate events dating back to the late 1990′s.

Releasing a Track in this compilation for Art Basel.  Carnicom by LOBOGAMMA.

Information: Music Label “Beta Bodega” by La Mano Fria

La Mano Friaが設立したレーベル、<Beta Bodega>からのニュー・リリースがアナウンスされました。

「Infiltrate Zine」というタイトルとティーザーイメージが、現在公開されています。

また、Beta BodegaのFacebookページがスタートしたので、こちらもぜひ。


Discovery Channel and Paramount Pictures are shooting a full-length 3D film and three-part TV series titled “Hurricane”.  Filming some parts in Puerto Rico, I did location sound for 2 days, with stereographer Cyril Barbançon using ( X2 ) Epic RED 3D Rig.  The series starts soon, the Movie in 2015.




Infiltrate Zine 1.0 printed format. Summer 2013 © A collective of artists, promoters, djs, designers, record labels and shops. Underground culture from Tokyo, Miami and worldwide.

Founded in 1999 by La Mano Fria of Beta Bodega Coalition & joined by Schematic, Merck, Dopamine, Metatronix, Etihad, Counterflow and more. La Mano Fria later migrating to Tokyo in 2001, where Shami and others building the Shibuya scene. Now the Tokyo to Miami connect is over a decade old and spread to Germany, Puerto Rico, Holland, UK and worldwide… Infiltrate Zine is a collection of past, present and future chapters in the Infiltrate legacy, digital infection. Viral Culture

Typo by La Mano Fría ∆
1999年から現在まで活動されてる様々なアーティスト、レーベル、DJ、レコード会社やプロモーター等を紹介するInfiltrate Zine。主に東京とマイアミを本拠地に構え、良質なアンダーグラウンド・ミュージックを始めデザインや文化等を世界中に発信出来ればと思ってます。